Review Policy

review policy

Review Policy for both Publishers and Authors

– I prefer physical ARCs and finished copies of book, rather than e-books.

– I review mainly Young Adult and anything within that category

– I can write a review on this blog as well as Goodreads and my Instagram.

– My reviews include a summary of the book (usually from Goodreads), a picture of the cover, publisher and publication date, from where I received the book, and my opinion of the book along with a star rating out of 5. My reviews are my honest opinion, so I cannot guarantee a positive review of the book.

– Please give me time to review the book, as I am a High School student.

– I will also consider holding giveaways and other book related things.

Thank you and congratulations on your book! 🙂

Want me to review a certain book? Easy! Just let me know!