Cover Wars: Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter, a series that is well-known and loved by many from all ages, has been published multiple times with different, but unique covers. Which one do you prefer?

Scholastic US Originals                                                                                      

Scholastic Limited Editions

Bloomsbury UK Originals                                                                                 

Bloomsbury UK Adult

Bloomsbury Adult (latest)                                                                                 

Bloomsbury Kid (White)

Bloomsbury Kids UK (latest)

Some of these have pretty impressive covers. Let’s see which one’s are the top favorites! Go Vote and Share!


8 thoughts on “Cover Wars: Harry Potter Series

  1. The Scholastic originals are the covers I’m familiar with, so at first I thought I’d vote for those, but then I scrolled down and saw the Bloomsbury Kids (latest) and fell in love with those vivid colors and fantastical images. No contest, my vote is in.

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  2. I feel like I’m biased due to my nostalgia over the Bloomsbury original editions…I do love the bold colour schemes of them regardless though! Also the white Bloomsbury children’s edition *.*

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